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EFT works with the body’s subtle energy system – a network of energy pathways, called meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some people are very sceptical of the existence of pathways that previously could not be detected. However, with the development of more sophisticated medical technologies, the existence of the primo vascular system has been established. These documented pathways are accessible via specific locations on the body called acupoints. Acupuncture uses needles on these points, ostensibly to release stuck, stagnant energy and re-balance the system; acupressure uses finger pressure. EFT has been called a psychological version of acupuncture, as the simple process of tapping certain acupoints while focusing on an emotional upset has the effect of releasing the intense charge of troubling emotions.

When we are upset, and uncomfortable emotions like worry, fear, or guilt arise, it feels as if our systems are no longer in a state of peaceful harmony. In this case, what if our body is telling us that something we are feeling (or thinking) requires our attention?

We can think of EFT as helping reboot our personal energy system in relation to the issue at hand, similar to the way we reboot a computer, which has gotten stuck or has crashed. EFT can help us reset our personal energy system little by little at a pace that is right for us. Once our system begins “re-balancing” as we tap, we usually start feeling better – more relaxed, peaceful and serene – in relation to our specific problem or issue.

Our body, mind, and emotions are intricately connected. When we apply EFT to something that is bothering us, we can feel the shift in our thoughts, our feelings, and our bodily responses (i.e. stress or tension). Uncomfortable emotions have an energy pattern to them that we can feel (i.e. feeling bad), and we can be keenly aware of the change in the energy (i.e. feeling better). Using EFT, we may get noticeable relief and ease - quantum leaps of healing, seemingly insurmountable problems, often where nothing else has worked in the past.

Another reason why EFT works so well is the effect that it often has on the brain. Scans of the brain, including MRIs (functional MRIs), have shown that the stimulation of acupoints with needles sends signals directly into the "survival" parts of the brain where the fight-or-flight part of us lives. Words alone cannot always reach these areas of the brain, which do not have direct neural connections with rational language centers. It may be that EFT, which involves acupoint stimulation with tapping, reaches the survival-instinct mechanism of the brain and helps to reprogram our reactions at that level. This feature is not available in many modalities. When we are under stress, the prefrontal cortex of the brain goes “offline,” and our body begins flooding with adrenaline and cortisol. The EFT intervention can help calm the amygdala, facilitate the release of calming chemicals, and bring us back to a more resourceful state. (AAMET International) Melanie is an AAMET/EFT International accredited certified EFT Practitioner.

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Basic EFT Tapping Points

Basic EFT Tapping Points

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