Maelo Therapies presents

Phoenix in the Flames

An evening of regeneration as you rise up from the ashes anew

The Phoenix Rising

The Phoenix Rising

Harness the healing power of flames next Spring, feel rejuvenated and renewed with a unique and potentially life-changing event.

Combining the ancient Celtic practice of bonfire night with a therapeutic process known as transactional writing, Phoenix in the Flames gives you the chance to put a torch to your old wounds, hurts, and injustices and light the way to a whole new you.

Led by therapist Mel Maelo and transformational life coach Linda Randall, Phoenix in the Flames participants will be guided through the process of writing a letter addressing the issues holding you back or keeping you stuck. Perhaps to yourself, perhaps to another person, perhaps giving or asking for forgiveness – whatever your letter may contain it will be offered up as a ‘paper sacrifice’ and you will be guided through a ritual of casting it into the flames, releasing all that it represents, freeing you to live your life anew.

The evening will take place in a safe, confidential group setting and includes refreshments, a cold buffet-style dinner and a delicious hot vegan soup. There will be a free 15 minute, post-event, support call available until 1 November 2019 should you need it.

When:           Spring 2020, date TBC Where:         TBC Time:             3:45 – 8 PM Cost:              £39   Bookings only