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First let us ascertain what hypnotherapy is not. It is not in any way like what one sees in stage hypnosis and you, the client, can not be made to do anything against your will and no suggestions can be embedded that go against your moral code. What it is is a therapy tool to assist you in exchanging unhealthy coping mechanisms for healthier, more positive options.

This is done by guiding the you into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation and introducing healthy suggestions in the form of metaphor, stories and imagery. The unconscious or subconscious mind responds very well to this approach and will gladly adopt the healthier coping mechanisms if it believes they are for your benefit and wellbeing. The subconscious does not place unhealthy coping mechanisms and beliefs in place maliciously but because at some stage it worked to help protect you in some way. However, it can become a little like Chinese whispers in that the mind will often pattern match and use what worked for a similar situation. The problem is when it matches patterns to patterns until it is no longer related to the initial reason why it put the mechanism in place. For example, the well known ‘fight, flight or freeze’ reaction, which is triggered by the subconscious acting for your safety. The majority of the time modern day humans no longer find this a healthy or helpful coping mechanism. For many it can trigger in stressful situations that arise at work, college, school or home causing extreme anxiety and panic attacks as well as long term health conditions

The course of suggestions will be discussed with you prior to any hypnotherapy session so that we are in complete agreement as to what we will be working with thus ensuring you feel comfortable with what how issues are being addressed. For example we may agree that your self-esteem would benefit from hypnotherapy. There are many issues emotional, mental and physical that can be addressed through the use of hypnotherapy and the NHS endorses its use in the treatment of IBS, birthing, smoking cessation and many other areas.

All hypnotherapy sessions are recorded for your personal use. Indeed you will be encouraged to listen to the recording for a certain amount of times. It also means that you can have it to hand as and when you think you might need it. The only time a session is not recorded is if it is what is termed an intervention, something related to addressing possible distressing memories and emotions as this would not be safe for you to listen to at home alone without a trained therapist to hand should you need one. That said, hypnotherapy is a very safe and gentle therapy when practiced ethically.



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