A Safe Platform Enabling Re-Empowerment

Melanie Maelo hails from a strong counselling background (11 years). During several years of illness Mel obtained an BA (Hons) Anthropology and upskilled to psychotherapy, art therapy and has since included a great deal of energy psychology, which is her passion. She has had a private practice since 2015, her clinic in Shoreham for the past 2+ years.

As we are all unique individuals, Mel likes to make use of a combination of effective, creative techniques assisting her clients to develop the skills they need to facilitate their own transformation. She enjoys using a creative, proven blend of therapies incorporating conscious processes, changes to subconscious patterns, engaging powerful emotions and behaviors connected to the mind-body also assisting clients, where necessary, to come to an understanding of the body-mind connection.

Mel has worked in civil war situations in Africa as well as humanitarian work with Ethiopian refugees on the Kenyan border during the Ethiopian drought in the 90s. She has experienced war, hostage situations and other circumstances of extreme acts of violence and cruelty against humanity. After returning to the UK Mel was diagnosed with a condition that causes constant chronic pain and other co-morbidities. It was this experience that made Mel decide to move into psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and energy psychology - to help others living in pain. She was soon to learn that her previous experience with severe trauma would draw many others with unresolved traumatic backgrounds to seek her out for help.

Her vision is creating a safe space enabling others to step back into their power and enjoy a better quality of life, be that through private therapy sessions, workshops, classes or retreats - all of which Maelo Therapies offers