Body Mapping

New - Body Mapping 3.5hr hour workshop. Body Mapping is a creative therapeutic tool that brings together body and mind experience and visual artistic expression. In its basic form, it involves drawing a life-size representation of one’s body onto a large surface and using colors, pictures, symbols and words to represent experiences lived through the body-mind. Most of this method provides a creative vehicle for expression that is not dependent on literacy levels and enables participants to (re-)discover their bodies as a source of strength and healing as well as gain a deeper understanding as to why their body-mind responds to stimuli the way it does. The creation of the body maps takes place in a safe and confidential group setting and is interwoven with personal story telling, group discussions, guided visualisation and movement therapy. During this session Mel will help you come to a deeper understanding of how the mind and body are one and should therefore be treated as such when addressing physical and/or emotional and mental needs or problems. There is an intense energy process that takes place as you engage in this exercise.

Date: Saturday 2 November 2019 Time: 1 - 4:30 pm Venue: Salt Water Studios, Stoke Abbott Court, Stoke Abbott Rd, Worthing BN11 1HE Cost: £40 Bookings only. RestFest attendee discount will be applied at checkout with a valid promo code.


Just wanted to let others know about the great afternoon I spent at the Body Mapping afternoon on Saturday just gone. Loved the Body Mapping exercise and dancing, but was sceptical about the EFT. Well, there you go, I was proved wrong! The EFT section made me feel really calm, and I slept like a log that night, which is the first time in years. […] More dancing though next time, please! More movement = less back pain. Great fun, but a challenge as well. Always good to get out of your comfort zone. Thank you. A.B. Lancing

Saturday I attended @maelotherapies body mapping workshop at @salt.water.studios  I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have never attended anything like that before. Using EFT, meditation, art therapy and physical movement to express and release. Melanie created a safe and fun space to be part of. I would definitely recommend attending her next body mapping workshop to see for yourself. Thank you to both saltwater studios and Maelo Therapies for an awesome day. K.M. Shoreham

Preparing for body mapping

Guided Art Therapy

 Join Mel for a day of guided art therapy & find out how expressing yourself artistically can help you explore thoughts & beliefs that are holding you back, reduce excessive stress, address unhealthy habits and improve self-awareness. All materials provided & no artistic experience needed.
Only a small group of 6 guests accommodated so booking is essential.
Please note - this is not an art class but a psychotherapeutic tool.

Date: TBC Time: 10:30 a.m - 4 p.m Venue: TBC Cost: £40 Bookings only. Spaces limited Tea, coffee & refreshments provided. Food outlets within walking distance for lunch or bring your own

Recent Reviews

The last time I got up close and personal to paint, glitter, glue guns, ribbons and feathers was when I was a schoolgirl, so imagine my delight at discovering this workshop run by Melanie Maelo, a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and accredited EFT practitioner. We were handed a plain white cardboard mask and given a short time limit in which to decorate the outside with how we thought our friends and family perceived us. Truth be told, I  was so excited at the opportunity to ‘get crafty’ that I forgot this aspect halfway through so the end result was a mixture of what I liked and how I believed the world saw me! According to Melanie, when we engage in creative arts the subconscious has a chance to explore and release what it feels appropriate. We all wear masks – either to protect ourselves or project something that we are not – and, often, we are so focused on the outward projection that we don’t allow our awareness to rest on the true self hiding behind the mask. Mine featured plenty of magenta pink – I wear bold colours and people often describe me as bright and bubbly – but according to Melanie, this colour also represents harmony, common sense (!) and a balanced outlook. Next up we were asked to decorate the inside of the mask. Mine was filled with indigo feathers, a blue block of colour across the brain and grey squiggles. It couldn’t be more different to the outside and, I assumed, represented the inner turmoil I’d been experiencing with the daily struggle of my health issues and some personal bits and pieces. However, the indigo, I was told, represented a spiritual awakening while the design suggested I was ready to process my worries. I wasn’t alone in creating a contrasting mask. Plenty of other women did the same thing and openly shared their stories which made for both a wonderfully creative and brilliantly empowering session. H.G. Internet Journalist -


So today I spent with Mel taking part in art therapy. It was amazing! Mel is so warm, funny and intuitive to the needs of us clients. It has given me the opportunity to focus on me, my 'stuff"and my internal self. The environment is a warm, nurturing space. I feel that I have really nourished my needs and learnt a lot about how I tick right now. The venue at Sakala is a haven rich with Indian culture and peacefulness. 
Thank you so very much Mel. xx C.W

Really enjoyed the guided art therapy day today, no art skills needed and a very insightful & reflective day, thank you. L.T.